Freemate DA207 Headset Telephone

Freemate DA207 Headset Telephone used computer key-pad to be soft touch feeling for all day long working. DAH-207 Automatic receiving call function added on DA-207. Features :

  • Headset telephone.
  • Specially designed for telemarketor working for all day long to feel soft touch of dial pad with adapting computer key-pad concept. Also, no need seperate training cord since there are two headset jacks for agent and supervisor.
  • Full hands-free products with headsets.
  • With unique design, you can talk on the phone, take notes and works with PC simultaneously.
  • High quality receiving sound by adopting AMS IC chip.
  • Most endurable ON/OFF switch approved by 50,000 times switching.

Major Functions:

  •  Two headset jacks for agent and supervisor   
  •  Flash time adjustment switch
  •  Receiving volume control
  •  Transmission volume control
  •  Tone controller to quality low and high sound
  •  Mute switch for temporary call suspension
  •  Last number redial
  •  Flash
  •  Repeat dial
  •  Simultaneous call selection
  •  Extension jack to the other phone and modem
  •  Recording jack for external recorder
  •  LED light in use
  •  Mute switch (LED light) for agent or supervisor

CE & FCC approved.

Testing download


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